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July 2003
London Congestion Charging 
New articulated buses
In February 2003, London introduced congestion charging in the central zone.   All vehicles entering this zone during office hours on week days have to pay a 5 charge in advance [top left].   Extra demand for buses was anticipated, so several new routes were established before C-Day.   Two of these services complement existing routes [below right] and are operated by articulated vehicles.   Both routes cross London from one edge of the charging zone to the other, and then continue onwards south of the river [below left].   They are operated by Stagecoach Selkent [top rigt] and London Central (Go-Ahead group) [above left].   As with the bendi-buses on the Red Arrow routes, only pre-paid tickets are accepted [above right] and all doors on the vehicles can be used for entry and exit.   Recent reports suggest that congestion charging has been a greater success than expected.
Congestion3.gif (21798 bytes) congestion-rm687-wlt687.JPG (42826 bytes)
 London Congestion Charging
Click to enlarge photos and map.   All photos taken in April 2003.
Photo Facts
Top Right: Stagecoach Selkent Mercedes Citaro artic 23019 (LX01HBC) at Marleybone station on the (453) service to Deptford
Above left: London Central Mercedes Citaro artic MAL52 (BD52LMO) at Paddington station on the (436) service to Lewisham
Below right: London Central RM687 (WLT687) on the (36) service to Lewisham which is complemented by the (436) service.
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